Innovation Heads started two years ago as an industry specific blog, where we talked about the biggest problems in the industry and what the solutions to them are. No theory, only proven strategies that work and deliver results (tried and tested).  

The blog gained so much traction that we were overwhelmed. We also realised that the blog itself wasn’t enough as members kept asking us to introduce other members of the industry to each other and we couldn’t keep up with the email introductions and so the Innovation Heads platform was born. Now you can all talk to each-other directly. 

We also saw that there’s a dual industry problem here i.e. the corporate innovation industry is as fragmented as the start-up landscape and both sides try to look for each-other, the two ecosystems do not communicate efficiently. - We see this all the time, across the world and particularly in Europe. Innovation Heads provides curated and high-quality deal-flow. 

Contact email: info@innovationheads.co 

Innovation Heads Ltd. Company number: 10794207. Kemp House 152-160 City Road, London EC1V 2NX.  

What you get:
Access to a pan-European ecosystem from one place

Innovation Heads is plugged into networks that have been built over 15 years working in the investment, start-up and tech industry.
This includes the entire ecosystem spectrum that consists of:



Angel Networks

Engineering talent and the best, trusted IT companies.

Highest Quality start-ups sent to Innovation Heads 
Bespoke acceleration programmes can cost up to £1,000,000 for a few months. Innovation Heads plugs you in to the high-quality ecosystem and you get deal-flow from the above ecosystem. 

There is HUGE amounts of overlap between industries
For example TMT, Finance and Energy or TMT and Health or Finance and Energy, the examples are endless, but you get the point.  You should speak with one another and you are now able to do so through Innovation Heads.