G+D Ventures, in collaboration with Innovation Heads, is aligned with the focus of the G+D Group and is focusing on 4 investment areas: 

1. Payments: Digital Currencies & Ecosystem; Banking as a Service, Tokenization, Machine-to-Machine payments; Fraud Management, AML, KYC.
2. Identity: Digital Identities & ID-Based Services, Identification, eKYC, Authentication, Identity Management – For people as well as items.
3. Security: AI/ML, Bockchain, Cloud security, Secure Edge Computing, Endpoint security, Biometrics, Data Privacy, Automotive & Health.
4. Secure Connectivity: Industrial IoT, Ensuring the validity and sources of data, 5G Connectivity, Digital car.

To apply, send us your info and deck via: https://innovationheads.co/register/startup

Investment amount: EUR 0.4m – 4m
Stages: Pre-A, A, B
Regional focus: Primarily Europe

In addition to financial investment G+D strives to achieve a strategic benefit - for both. 

About: G+D Ventures is the Venture Capital arm of the Giesecke+Devrient Group (G+D), a global company with ca. 11,400 employees across 32 countries and customers in more than 150 countries.